Badella Pro

Badella Pro is a simple and effective custom tool that allows the export team of a bathroom furniture manifacturer factory to quickly filter products, generate proforma invoices on the fly , this solution was designed to work on a tablet while the salesman is talking to a customer, the salesman has the capability to give his customer, the tool allows you to generate a PDF and an Excel file ready to be sent by email to the customer, you can also select some specific modules from a set and play with the discount, post-discount , pre-discount, special discount values as you wish , allowing the user to have a total control over each item price, the tool helps junior export members to quickly learn various incoterms and method of payments, it also saves customers information , and can restore a proforma-invoice for later use

This is the Log in Screen where each user choose a language (turkish/English), enter his/her credentials and logs in


Intro Screen


Main Screen


Adde new Customer


List of products and filters options


user can use the search filter to find a product, or click on the expand button to chose a module of a set (extra mirror for example), each catalog has different background color, the discount filter menu can be shown or hidden with toggle item discount, the user can adjust the price of each item to his likingm there is also global special discount ! also here you can switch currencies


Proforma invoice preview, here you can see your proforma invoice before generating the PDF or Excel copy of your PI, also the Proforma invoice number is unique and can be loaded later if the app is closed, saving is automared once PI is generated, also all informations are generated here , iban number will switch automatically depending on which currency has been used, also thecondidtions down will change depending on the incoterms and payement methods that has been chosen earlier in the previous menus


in this menu you can CRUD (create Update & delete) a customer from the database


Watch the application in action