Application allows to listen to three radio stations. For this work device should be connected to the Internet. During installation, the application requests permission to access calls to monitor the status of the phone and have ability to turn off the radio during a phone conversation.

The application has four screens:

Splash screen


Main screen - 1. Pushing on radio button starts progress bar, make font of chosen radio red and disable other radio buttons. 2. Some time after user will see toast message that radio is connected and hear radio. Progress bar is hidden. All radio buttons are active again. 3. If the device loses connection with the network, the user will see the message "Internet connection lost!". When the connection is restored the appropriate message will be showen and the radio will be reconnected. 4. If user will have pushed on working radio station again - the radio will switch off. 5. If user will have pushed on other radio button par.1-2 will be repeated. 6. Pushing on Exit button stops radio and close app. 7. Pushing on "About app and Edit" button opens third screen of app.


About screen - Third screen of app contains URI information about radio stations, saved in database. Each radio row here is click-able.


Edit screen - If user select radio on previous step, the latest screen will be shown. Here user can enter title ind URL of new radio. After pushing on "Save" button App will save new radio station on place of selected radio. If URL will be invalid an appropliate toast message will be shown.


Application support English and Russian languages (the list of languages can be expanded). The application language is automatically selected at the time of installation on the device and depends on the language of the device. While the radio is playing, the application responds to incoming calls. At the moment of an incoming call, the radio stops. After the end of the call or conversation, the radio reconnects. While the radio is playing a push notification is been showing on the top bar of device. The notification includes name of app and name of playing radio station. If user push the notification, main screen of app will be shown.

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